Charred Siberian Larch Cladding

The Siberian Larch – history & greatness as a construction material

The vast Eurasian forests are as old as time itself. Their lushness holds tales and stories that could go on for ages. One of the most well-known trees in those forests – Siberian or Russian Larches. Their areal spans almost 15% of the entire Earth’s landmass, covering millions of square miles between Finland and far Eastern ends of Siberia.

Somewhere during the early middle ages, people who were native to this region noticed that its timber is excellent for construction purposes. They were primarily fascinated by its immense resistance to rot. Quite tall, usually between 25 and 40 metres in height, the Siberian Larches were a sought-after material during those times. Many hundreds of years passed, but the timber of the Siberian Larch remains one of the most versatile and appreciated types of wood in the market.

This is why combining it with the Japanese wood processing technology of Yakisugi is such a no-brainer. Degmeda combines the sturdiness and longevity of the Siberian Larch with the know-how and refinement of timeless Japanese woodworking craftsmanship. In the cooperation, we are able to manufacture premium charred Siberian Larch cladding. Enhanced beauty, time-tested durability and a matchless natural appeal are what our burnt Siberian Larch siding boards can offer to you!

Beautiful and unique cladding for various applications

The overall trends dictate that people and organisations are leaning more and more towards natural, sustainable resources. Charred Siberian Larch cladding or Shou Sugi Ban Siberian Larch cladding is both of those things.

Yakisugi wood-burning started in Japan, but it has since spread all over the world with a global audience getting the chance to know and appreciate this technology more and more.

A wooden façade, on the other hand, is not that exceptional or new. Still, a natural, carbonised/burnt Siberian Larch siding treated in a method that has its roots in 15-16th century Japan – that is something unique, and something definitely worth paying attention to.

Likewise, it is not just exclusive, it is matchless in more ways than one. For now, let’s focus on the looks and appeal.

Regular wooden façade cladding might look cheap, basic or dull. That is definitely not the design direction for everyone. If an architect, developer or homeowner wants exclusivity, natural and timeless beauty, they should seek Yakisugi Siberian Larch cladding. This is the complete opposite of regular and plain. It is elegant and sophisticated. Because burning enhances the colour, deepens tones and allows more various neat details to surface, no two planks might look identical. However, from afar, the cladding looks harmonious, luxurious and very tasteful.

And because this technology was developed in Japan, where the climate is dynamic and ever-changing, you needn’t worry about decay or fading.

How charring improves the characteristics of the Siberian Larch

Yakisugi is not just beneficial to the looks of wood. It is also a very great know-how for improvement of various physical and constructional characteristics of any timber that is treated. In this case, besides improving the finish, this Japanese technology really adds to what is already an almost complete package in the Siberian Larch.

You might be thinking that there is not too much where you can improve if the timber is already quite rot-resistant, right? Wrong.

Even though it has some endurance from the get-go, after carbonisation, wood and more precisely burnt Siberian Larch cladding boards become way superior to their regular wood counterparts. Firstly, it is fireproofing. Regular dry wood is quite dangerous and poor in terms of fire retardation. However, Yakisugi is the process of treating individual planks with scorching flames. After they are covered with a carbonised layer, the pieces of timber, in this case, the Siberian Larch becomes almost fireproof.

Secondly – waterproofing. As we’ve already established, this is a smaller concern to the Siberian Larch because it is pretty rot-resistant, but still, time does take its toll and rot cannot be entirely negated. What wood charring does it actually shrinks and closes the many individual pores that are on the surface of the wood. Those pores, if not shrunk and closed, absorb water and this is not at all valuable to construction material, but necessary to a live tree. It is also worth mentioning that even though charring turns natural timber into waterproof timber by covering it in a hydrophobic layer, Shou Sugi Ban does not lose breathability.

And finally, we have to mention resistance to pests and parasites. Regular forest wood is commonly affected by parasites. Natural, untreated wood, when used in façade building is also a frequent target for termites, slugs, etc. Charring forces all nutritional materials to evaporate; thus, leaving wood unaffected by vermin.

Why choose Degmeda?

If you are interested in high-quality wood siding for your home or project, choosing us to provide it is your best bet! Why? The main reason would be our unparalleled attention to detail and years of know-how when it comes to manufacturing. You can be sure that Degmeda produces only what can be labelled as top-shelf charred wood.

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Moreover – customer service. Our team is genuinely interested in helping you have the smoothest possible experience and answering questions to assist in picking out the right product.

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If Yakisugi charred Siberian Larch siding looks beautiful in your eyes and you know various other amazing qualities it has – it is not worth that much consideration then. Just get it from us!

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How to order and get in touch?

If you wish to order Siberian Larch cladding for your home or project – you have two ways to do it. The first option is to visit our designated e-shop/online quotation platform,, find the right tone and colour of the Siberian Larch and fill out the request form. Once you enter the parameters for wood and your contact info, we will get back to you with a detailed quote that contains essential information like cost and price of the entire order.

Otherwise, if you are not exactly sure of what amount of timber you need or what colour to get – write us an email at We can arrange the details there. Once the numbers and the price are agreed upon, Degmeda will begin manufacturing and ship the goods directly to your doorstep!

Otherwise, if something is wrong or if you wish to have questions regarding cladding made from Burnt Siberian Larch, answered – get in touch with us. Our team is more than glad to be helpful.