Charred Siberian Larch Fencing

Why Shou Sugi Ban fence?

The choice of material for your fence is very important. Even though most people only recognise the colour and height of the fence, for the homeowner, it’s an important piece to the puzzle. The fence is a protective and decorative element that rounds out the entire picture of the territory. It’s crucial that homeowners take care of their fences.

This is why we recommend choosing the highest quality materials for fencing. Degmeda offers cream of the crop savoir faire and arguably the best fencing elements for sale today. The charred Siberian larch fence would be an amazing addition in every project.

Siberian Larch – one of the best wood types for décor & construction

For centuries, natives of Siberia and later the Russians valued and embraced the wood quality of the Siberian Larch. It’s durability and sturdiness made it a commonly used and a very much sought-after resource all over the world. Luckily, Degmeda has the tools and the know-how to turn regular Siberian larch timber into Shou Sugi Ban – charred Siberian larch fencing.

Burnt wood, and especially the charred Siberian larch looks very impressive when selected as a fencing material. The charring process makes what is an already sturdy type of wood into a water, fire and vermin-resistant whilst remaining breathable.

It’s a luxurious product that looks elegant. Yakisugi is the name of the Japanese wood charring technology and besides vast improvements in the constructional side of things, the aesthetics are also boosted. When it comes to the Siberian Larch fencing, you can choose between brown, grey and even black-like burnt wood tones.  

If you have questions & how to get a quote

To get a quote, merely click on the Siberian Larch colour for sale which you prefer and enter in your order details. Once you fill out the request form with the preferences and your contact information, we will get back to you with a detailed quote that contains the terms of delivery, cost and final price as well as other information, related to your goods!

If you have questions about the product or if you haven’t been able to find some information or the necessary dimensions for your product of choice – let us know! We will be glad to help you out.