Our story

Degmeda’s wood charring solutions are real and time-tested. Adapting the ancient  traditions, we specialize in the field of wood charring and we provide solutions to  customers who want exceptional aesthetics in their surroundings. We have mastered the  ancient Japanese wood charring technology of yakisugi, which we use to create comfort in every customer’s environment.

We formed DEGMEDA together with like-minded people who are passionate about  introducing the world to the possibilities and advantages of charred wood. We are  recognized and known in the market for the uncompromising quality of our products.

We are proud that our specially prepared charred wood becomes long-lasting, strong  and sustainable due to its technological features, therefore we confidently call it fire tempered wood.

We are

Marijus Sabonaitis

Founder, Consultant

Evaldas Pupelis

Founder, CEO

Our Team

Mindaugas Bartuševičius
Project Manager
Edvinas Balčiūnas
Director of Commerce
Ričardas Juozelskis
Head of Production
Marius Kukta
Quality Manager
Dovydas Drozdovas
Logistic Manager

Things that unite us


People are the non-stop engine of the company. We plan, create, set tasks and solve  them by mutual agreement. We are different, but we always act as one. Every voice is important here and is valued in finding the best solution.


Only by working as a team, respecting our activities, the environment, each other and  believing in what we do, we can achieve the goals we have set. We are honest with  ourselves and our customers, we believe that this is the way to our improvement. There  is no room for compromise when it comes to quality.


We aim to show that it is possible to live in peace with the environment and nature, and  that the future belongs to wood as a renewable construction resource – it just needs to  be properly prepared for a long life.

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