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The ancient technology of wood charring, yakisugi, that has been cultivated for centuries,  is a completely natural method that has been proven over many centuries to protect the wood from environmental factors, at the same time giving it a unique appearance. The uniqueness of this technique is the treatment of the outer part of the boards with fire – the wood hardened in this way acquires a rich shade, a unique texture and is protected without using chemical means.

Why is it worth
choosing fire tempered wood?

Wood protection

We aim to ensure that all fire tempered wood solutions last as long as possible without requiring constant maintenance. Using wood charring technology, natural and long term protection is ensured for the facade, fence or terrace of the house.

Rich shade

Fire tempered wood is valued not only for its functional properties, but also for its exceptional aesthetics and wide applicability for exterior and interior decoration of structures. When charring wood, a unique shade is naturally obtained, the intensity of which depends on the specifics of the technology used. Each work performed using the wood tempering technology is unique and one-of-a-kind – without any competition!

Quality standards

Products that have passed four stages of wood quality control reach the market:
ISO 9001 – Quality Management System.
ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System.
ISO 45001 – Occupational Safety System.
CE - Internal Production Control.


Charred wood is an environmentally friendly solution. We aim to become a zero-waste company.
We are certified with:
FSC - The Sustainable Forestry Certificate.
EPD - Environmental Product Declaration.

Quality standards

We create products that are friendly to the environment and people. We are committed to the highest standards of quality and safety. These are the certificates that guarantee the reliability of our wood products:

Where is fire tempered
wood used?


Charred wood will give the facade of your house a sense of long-lasting aesthetics, uniqueness, and completeness. The facade of fire hardened wood will imperceptibly fit into the environment – just choose a suitable wood type and color.


The terrace is constantly bustling with life, therefore it must be comfortable for spending time, pleasant to the touch, and maximally resistant to weather changes. Add uniqueness to the environment around you by using wood charring technology for your home terrace.


A properly chosen fence is an integral architectural element that must be in harmony with the structures and the environment. The fire hardened wood fence will not only provide reliable protection but also decorate your territory.


Freshen up your home interior with charred wood panels. Add a sense of naturalness to the environment by integrating wood grain patterns and authentic fire hardened wood color combinations.

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