Yakisugi, a wood charring technology that came from Japan, is highly valued  worldwide for its special aesthetics and functionality. Fire hardened wood is resistant to  moisture, pests, fire and adds uniqueness to every project.

For many years, we have studied and perfected the technology and processes for  creating charred wood. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the progress of the  wood hardening process.

Our process

1. Charring

The wood is charred at a temperature of 1100 ℃ until its surface is covered with a  layer of carbon. Then the pores of the wood close, thus creating protection for the deeper layers. It is at this stage that an essential phenomenon occurs – the wood becomes more resistant, stronger, and hardened by fire.

2. Brushing

The ash formed during the charring process is brushed with brushes. The aesthetic appearance of the wood depends on the intensity of brushing. At this stage, the unique wood patterns are revealed and highlighted.

3. Additional wood protection

Oiling the wood provides additional protection against ultraviolet rays and fungus.

4. Quality control

We strive for the highest quality standards in production and customer service, therefore every product goes through a 4-step quality check throughout the process. In this way, we can be sure that the product that reaches you is of impeccable quality.

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