Elegant Siding Ideas For Small Houses

Siding ideas for small houses
– Charred wood siding on houses

House siding, also known as cladding, is a crucial decision for any home, big or small. While people generally pay attention mainly to the visual aesthetic of their siding, it’s a more important decision than looks alone.

House siding also has protective and insulation benefits that should not be ignored, and these factors are even more critical for smaller houses. The point being that while cladding has a decorative aspect, it’s not only a decorative decision.

While there are many different types of siding options available, not every option is suitable for smaller houses. Additionally, some extra care needs to be taken in certain circumstances.

Below are some good siding ideas to consider for smaller houses to help achieve decorative and functional excellency.

Best Siding Ideas for Small Homes

When considering cladding options for a smaller house, a few extra questions need to be answered before a proper decision can be made. The first of which is, what type of small house are we talking about? Before contemplating any decorative choices, the first consideration needs to be what house the siding will be applied to. Not every type of cladding is appropriate for every type of small house. For example, certain types of siding will be a better choice for a mobile home, while others would be more beneficial for a standard foundation house. Here are some of the best siding ideas to consider for aesthetic and functional performance.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a good and reasonably inexpensive option to achieve a time-weathered rustic look. Often made from old barn wood, reclaimed wood siding has “been around the block,” and so has been exposed to typically years of use already. This gives reclaimed wood its classic appearance but also has the downside of common durability issues.


Vinyl cladding remains one of the most common siding choices, mainly for its price. Simply put, vinyl is cheap. It is made from PVC and can last a reasonable amount of time. Ironically, this same fact is also one of vinyl’s most significant weaknesses. Vinyl is generally not considered very visually appealing. More often than not, the vinyl cladding will get a coat of paint to mimic some other material such as wood, in an attempt to increase its attractiveness, with varying levels of success. Vinyl siding is also mostly used for mobile homes, though it can warp in high-temperature climates, and crack in colder climates.


Stone siding is something we don’t see very often, which can give it a unique appeal. Indeed, a stone-clad home does have an interesting look, and stone is a quite durable material. Yet there is a reason why this option isn’t used more commonly, and that reason is the price! Stone is the most expensive option on this list. Even for a small 45 square-meter home, the price could easily get high enough to place stone siding out of reach for many people.

Charred Wood

Quite different from the reclaimed wood mentioned above, Shou Sugi Ban siding (also called charred wood or Yakisugi) is in a class by itself. During the process of Shou Sugi Ban, wood gets carefully and meticulously burned, brushed, and treated with oil in the traditional Japanese style. This is a time-honored and very artistic practice that requires expert skill and master craftsmanship.

The result produces a strong, brilliantly textured wood that is highly resistant to weather, insects, and the elements. The final result looks stunning and lasts for decades with minimal maintenance, making Shou Sugi Ban cladding a brilliant and highly sought after choice for small homes.

Final Thoughts

Degmeda is an expert in the art of traditional Shou Sugi Ban, and at amazingly affordable prices, the value is easy to see. With a variety of visually stunning wood styles including Accoya, larch, spruce, and pine, there’s a look to fit any décor. This makes Shou Sugi Ban cladding the clear choice in value, durability, and exquisite beauty. Aside from siding, Degmeda offers flooring, decking, and fencing solutions.