How Long Does Shou Sugi Ban Wood Last?

Traditional Japanese structures with little maintenance can last over 50 years, but the condition of the wood would be poor. Over time, planks grow thinner. They split, rot, fade, and nails protrude over the surface.

While the Shou Sugi Ban burning technique, also known as Yakisugi, gives the wood a natural advantage to resisting mold, water, fire, and insects, it alone cannot prevent aging and damage. Installation, weather, and maintenance are three factors that can directly influence the longevity of charred wood products.

How long does Shou Sugi Ban last
– How long does Shou Sugi Ban last

What to Look out For

Decay and rot can affect the long-term condition and safety of any structure. The chances of encountering problems down the road increase with a faulty installation. Professional installation can prevent this type of premature damage. Climate and geography can’t be controlled. Ultraviolet radiation (UV) has been found to have the highest impact on wood aging. Knowledgeable designers and contractors can advise on methods to protect the wood from UV exposure.


For charred timber exposed to weather or heavy use, you should follow a standard cycle of maintenance. Applying oil every 10 to 15 years increases moisture and UV resistance significantly. Check for any indications of splitting, cracking, or rotting.

If left alone, the color will turn gray or fade to the wood’s patina. Re-oiling the burnt wood surface with tung or linseed oil will minimize fading. Regular maintenance prevents mold, warping, fungal growth, and insect infestations.

Yakisugi wood used for interior decorations or furnishings will not need regular maintenance, although you should check for cracks and surface damage.


Prevention, experienced craftsmanship, and guidance on constructive maintenance can prolong the lifespan of burnt wood products from 80 to 100 years. Degmeda has crafted exceptional Shou Sugi Ban wood products that are unique, stylish, durable, and will last for centuries. A creative and knowledgeable team assures that form, function, and aesthetics blend together to meet any project’s needs and specifications.