Is Charred Wood Water Resistant?

Shou Sugi Ban, also known as Yakisugi, has recently skyrocketed in popularity, offering a unique natural alternative to other contemporary wood preservation methods. It’s a traditional Japanese procedure of skillfully charring wood with fire, giving it that beautiful charred wood finish that’s becoming more and more popular in modern architecture. However, there are many variables to consider when deciding whether it’s the right solution for your home. This article will examine the properties of burnt wood, namely its resistance to water.

Is charred wood water resistant

The Water-resistance Science

Many centuries of practice have gone into perfecting the art of making charred timber water-resistant. The process begins with a blowtorch, which is used to char the wood, reaching an average of 1100 degrees Celsius. The flame naturally burns off the wood’s surface layer, wrapping it in a thin carbon layer and shrinking its cells. This procedure greatly increases the wood’s durability and resistance to moisture, fire, and insects. The carbon layer is then shaved off with a brush and rinsed with water, creating a unique charcoal design. Finally, the wood is covered in a thin coat of tung oil. Tung oil naturally resists water and provides an appealing finish to the wood, bringing the final product to life.

This technique can be used on various wood types like Accoya, larch, pine, spruce, and cedar, meaning there is an ideal option for everyone’s preference. So to answer the question, burnt wood is highly water-resistant. Shou Sugi Ban dramatically reduces the room, on a cellular level, for any water to seep in and cause damage. On top of that, the procedure significantly increases resistance to fire and insects, making charred timber an excellent option for all outdoor projects. Even when constantly exposed to the elements, Yakisugi wood can last over 100 years. All it needs is a new layer of oil every 10-15 years to keep it water-resistant.

The exceptional quality, coupled with extraordinary durability, offers a unique, beautiful, 100% natural solution that will last for ages with minimal maintenance. The different wood varieties provide a limitless amount of intriguing patterns and designs to perfectly complement any architectural style and setting. The weatherproof capabilities of Shou Sugi Ban wood make it a perfect option for those located in an area highly prone to natural disasters, as it protects from water damage, fire, insects, and mold.

Charred wood water-resistance

Where to Buy Shou Sugi Ban

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