Burnt Wood Flooring

Thanks to centuries-old technology which originated in the Land of the Rising Sun, Degmeda offers a wide array of wood products including charred timber flooring. Such a selection of material can add lots of additional comfort to any household or project while also looking stunning and unique.

A smooth surface is supplemented by the smoothness of the surface, enhanced colours and deepened texture. By properly maintaining burnt wood flooring or any other interior/exterior details, you can preserve their good looks and integrity for more than 100 years.

Ancient technology, timeless value

For centuries, Japanese artisans were in the process of refining and improving Yakisugi woodworking technology. During those centuries they perfected a craft which is hugely complex, unique and challenging as well. However, whereas craftsmen from Japan only worked with the rare Japanese cypresses, Degmeda has the tools and know-how to process a lot of different types of wood. For example, instead of Cypress, we offer a more diverse lineup which consists of Oak, Siberian larch, Pine trees, Spruce and Accoya trees as well.

The Yakisugi technology turns a regular plank into an exceptional piece of construction material. It becomes much more durable, and this is a crucial aspect for every floorboard that is laid. Every piece has to withstand changes in temperature, moisture as well as loads, scuffs while also being pleasant to touch, and preferably, to look at as well. Shou Sugi Ban flooring is better than most conventional floor materials in many aspects. From technical, all the way to aesthetical elements, it is easy to see why this technology has held its ground against the test of time.

Burnt wood flooring – Japanese origins, global appeal

Even though this technology originates in the Orient, the end product can be adapted to any contemporary European, minimalistic Scandinavian or a Victorian English interior. This is a premium segment product which supplements the entirety, instead of stealing the spotlight or being very shouty.

That being said, charred timber flooring can be very versatile. Degmeda offers a broad range of colour and profile choices for interior décor products. In the end, wherever you may choose to lay the Yakisugi-processed floor boards, they will fit in with everything else that the home or environment has around.

Yes, it originated from Japan where it remains a staple in local culture and tradition, but Shou Sugi Ban flooring is easily adaptable to any project and style.

The making of charred timber floors

Production and manufacturing of Shou Sugi Ban is a fascinating process that has complexed nuances as well as tons of intriguing aspects which we have, fortunately, mastered.

The whole process revolves around exposing planks and timber pieces to scorching flames that reach 1100 degrees Celsius. Such a high temperature requires not just extreme care, but a specially equipped and trained personnel. Luckily, Degmeda has just that. Our staff has the know-how while the state-of-the-art machinery allows us to have high production outputs, allowing us to satisfy the ever-expanding needs of our clients.

The exposure to flames does two things. First and foremost – fire force the wood pores to shrink and close. This is important because pores are the primary location where water and moisture are absorbed. If the pores are closed, the H2O has nowhere to go and wood, in turn, becomes waterproof but at the same time remains breathable. Being ‘waterproof’ means being resistant and immune almost to a variety of environmental and everyday challenges that flooring and wood in interiors have to endure.

A second noteworthy aspect is looks. The Yakisugi technique enhances the richness in texture and colour. What was previously a bland, regular plank, charring can turn into a bold, beautiful piece of wooden perfection. Having a floor this beautiful and smooth is an experience worth every penny.

Beauty and elegance, from top to bottom

In the modern world, beauty is superficial and without matter, even. This creates a huge demand and an urge for something real, something which is genuinely beautiful and practical at the same time. We know that charred wood flooring is just that. It is gorgeous and functional.

By lasting decades or even centuries, Shou Sugi Ban is a definite home run when it comes to looking for additions to any interior.

Since it is hard to put a price on timeless quality and beauty, this product is worth more than what it costs. It is difficult to price subjective values which are behind this uniquely processed wood. Qualities like elegance, beauty and history are valued differently by everyone. However, we can firmly state that adding a charred timber floor in an interior will definitely set it apart from anything else.

An unforgettable solution for everyday use

Speaking of setting things apart, Yakisugi turns regular wooden floorboards into something exciting and exclusive which you do not expect to see every day. It feels and looks premium while remaining very comfortable to live with.

Shou Sugi Ban burnt wood floors are the best of two worlds. Thanks to exposure to fire, enclosed and shrunk pores, moisture will not accumulate and damage the wood. The sugars also burn away after contact with the flames, meaning that parasites and bacteria will not infest the tree, leaving it much more durable in the long term.

Imagine a durable and beautiful wooden floor which is also pleasant to touch and walk on, even when barefoot. Can you? If not, you have to see charred timber floors for yourself. If yes, then why even bother, get the best piece of flooring in the market today.

How to order

For customers who are looking to order flooring boards from Degmeda, there are two ways you can do it.

The first option is to go into the ‘Shop’ section of our website, select the colour which interests you, enter in the desired measurements, add in your contacts and send out the request. Another way, especially if you aren’t entirely sure which burnt wood flooring might look best or which one seems right for you – write us an email. Via back and forth communication, we can make proper arrangements and help you pick out the very best we can offer.

As soon as we agree on the details, we can begin production and deliver the goods straight to your doorstep.

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Getting in touch and if you have any questions

If something seems wrong or if you have questions about Yakisugi, and/or Shou Sugi Ban/charred timber flooring that you have not found answers to, please let us know!

You can get in touch with us by phone or by writing an email to info@degmeda.eu. We are always glad to answer questions or to help out otherwise!