Burnt Wood Wall

When it comes to architecture, the Japanese surely have a lot to offer. From particular accents, all the way to outright techniques for building and processing materials, ‘The Land of the Rising Sun’ has brought a lot of the rest of the world. One of those things is Yakisugi or an Ancient wood processing technology that requires exposing the wood to scorching flames. It improves the characteristics of timber and makes it much more suitable to be a construction material while also improving its beauty. Beautiful, durable and with a deep history behind it. That does sound like a great piece of décor, right? And you would be right in thinking so because Degmeda would like to present charred timber wall paneling known also as Shou Sugi Ban wall paneling.

Ancient technology, modern adaptability

For a very long time, artisans in Japan have tried to refine and perfect the craft of charring timber. However, they only applied this technology to a single kind of tree – the Japanese Cypress. This is not very convenient in the modern age and thus we have adapted the Yakisugi technology to processing the Siberian Larch, Pine, Spruce and Accoya trees as well. All of them have distinct and unique looks, especially after they’re burnt. However, they also share something in common, which is quality and undeniable levels of beauty and detail.

Our company has put a lot of effort into making this technology 21st century ready. By using modern, state-of-the art machinery and trusting qualified personnel, Degmeda can have high production numbers as well as a high-quality product in any piece of charred wood, including, of course the Shou Sugi ban wall panelling.

We think it is also worth mentioning that this technology was born a very long time ago. However, it has shown that even as years go by, with proper maintenance and care, burnt wood décor can stay beautiful and intact for very, very long.

Beauty deeper than the surface

It might seem that all Shou Sugi Ban panels and boards look beautiful and that is the end of that. Nevertheless, the list of positive features beside the enhanced beauty of wood does not stop at that. Wood charring takes care more than just of the finish. It also vastly improves the physical characteristics of the processed piece. How?

Well, firstly we have to understand what qualities should a wall panel be known for. It has to look nice, of course. Furthermore, walling has to be durable, water and vermin-proof as well as breathable. We all could agree that these are positive, and much sought-after qualities in any interior or exterior décor. Having waterproofing and breathability, however, is usually a bit of a challenge.

Luckily, the Yakisugi technique makes sure that burnt wood walls are all of those aforementioned things. The exposure to fire of 1100 degrees Celsius forces pores on wood to shrink and close. In addition, every piece of organic material (mostly sugar) evaporates, leaving the panels immune and repellent to vermin and various parasites. Finally, Shou Sugi Ban is much more fire retardant when you compare charred timber wall panelling with regular timber.

Shrinking of the pores is an efficient way to add waterproofing to wood, since those pores were the primary accumulators of H2O. Even with waterproofing, charred wood wall panelling remains breathable and very long-lasting.

Shou Sugi Ban wall panelling – for bold ideas and refined taste

In every interior, the look and constructional qualities of the walls are very important. They are primarily responsible for the atmosphere and mood within the room. Shou Sugi Ban walls emit history, beauty, relaxation and synergy with nature. They are guarantees of comfort and cosiness. That is what you should want in your home and even require from your interior décor.

Over our time in business, we have helped fulfil and realise some quite extraordinary and unique ideas of our clients. Not everything has to fall into the class of ordinary and every day. Sometimes the idea might be unconventional, but beautiful. Don’t get us wrong, our product is fine for every project, but it is extra satisfying when that burnt wood wall panelling bodes well in a very refined or very courageous interior.

In spite of that being said, the Yakisugi wall panelling is in some areas – uniqueness in by itself. Why does that matter? Well, because everyone wants their interior to be as beautiful as it can. By opting for this product, you are guaranteed to have an exclusive product which is refined to near perfection. Even though as it was created in the Orient, Yakisugi and Shou Sugi Ban have had their share of influence on Western culture. This technology is easily applicable to residential or commercial buildings.

On some rarer cases, maybe it could go on display in an industrious environment and still shine?

How does this technology make regular wood look beautiful?

We touched on this a bit earlier. Yakisugi is a natural and sustainable way to improve and greatly enhance the aesthetics of every individual piece of wood.

After charring, the texture, colour, lines, tones and shadows on every individual plank are enhanced. The flames help deepen and enrich every visual feature that a timber piece has to offer. Flames help accentuate lines and texture features that were not noticeable before. Besides, the bold colour works in your favour and can help accentuate or hide any particular detail in the interior.

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