Shou Sugi Ban Siding

Wood charring technique, also called Yakisugi, differentiates from all other techniques by its longevity, therefore, it is perfect to use for house exterior elements such as siding/cladding. This technique has been widely used and proven in Japan for centuries, where the climate conditions range from semi-tropical to northern.

You have probably noticed the huge trend of naturalness in interior and exterior design. Wood charring is an absolutely natural way of treating wood, also ensuring a pleasant aesthetic vision of the project. During the wood charring process, all the natural colors and patterns of the wood are intensified and made richer. Also, the burnt wood becomes highly resistant to environmental factors (fire, water, insects, decay). All in all, Shou Sugi Ban is not only visually appealing but also very practical.

In order to ensure the natural preservation properties of the charred wood and preserve the initial result for as long as possible, it is essential to periodically treat the wooden facade with specific oils. This way the long life (up to 100 years) of your charred wood cladding will be ensured.

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A technique and know-how from the Heart of the Orient

The culture of the Far East and technology from this region have that certain allure, that undeniable charm which is sort of enchanting. Even though Europe sometimes gets referred to as the ‘Cultural Heartland’ of the world, we all know that Japan has a much longer and much more diverse history. As a beautiful ripe fruit, hanging from the cultural tree of the Orient – Yakisugi is one of those things which prove the beautiful and intricate nature of lifestyle in Japan.

This wood processing technique has been in practice for centuries. Depictions of charred wood cladding and Shou Sugi Ban being shown in movies, pop culture, and illustrations portraying Japan. Luckily, this celebrated and remarkable wood processing technology has made its way across the globe.

It isn’t just for show, either. Yakisugi enhances timber and burnt Shou Sugi Ban wood siding becomes much more resistant to environmental factors, moisture, vermin as well as other threats that might befall on a façade.

Artisans in Japan had centuries upon centuries to refine this technology. We took it a step further and integrated 21st-century equipment and tools to improve production outputs without having to compromise the quality of charred timber sidings/claddings or any other burnt timber details for the exterior.

An Ancient process, optimised for the 21st century

The Yakisugi wood charring process is really a marvellous development. If you are wondering about how it is done – bear with us for a little while.

Everything begins with the selection of the right wood. In the past, Ancient and Medieval Japanese craftsmen used to work with Cypresses. They were abundant in lush forests all over the island, but are quite rare anywhere else. The technology can be adapted and has progressed over the years. Now, we are able to process and char the Siberian larch, Pine, Spruce, Accoya wood and use it as marvelous cladding for a house.

The next phase is properly exposing wood to scorching flames. Regular fire is not hot enough. To turn regular timber into Shou Sugi Ban, you need to achieve a staggering – 1100 degrees Celsius. Since it is much hotter than the regular flame, you need well-trained personnel and adequate equipment as well as time to carry out burning with precision.

After the wood is burned, it becomes sterile and waterproof. Hence it turns to a perfect material for the exterior finish of the house. Flames eliminate organic compounds and shrink the many pores, present on the surface. Shrunk pores are not able to absorb water, thus making regular wood very well defended from decomposition, moisture-damage, rotting, and thanks to the dissolution of sugar, also – vermin.

Charred timber is expressive and looks unique

Finally, there is the aesthetic side of things. Most people notice it before being familiar with the alterations in the physical characteristics of Shou Sugi Ban siding. Despite this, Yakisugi wood charring technique allows us to turn regular planks into miniature works of art. Every line, every circle, ring, groove, and the color is enhanced, enriched, and much more noticeable. Instead of being covered by cheap paint or infused with chemicals, Yakisugi allows the natural beauty of the wood to surface.

This is natural. This is real. This is what premium quality feels and looks like.

So, all in all, this technique for making Shou Sugi Ban or charred wood cladding is multi-purpose. Firstly, it makes wood water-resistant and quite resilient against environmental and climate challenges. This is a must-have feature for cladding pieces. Secondly – the charred wood cladding looks much brighter, more profound, and has a more premium feel when compared to regular wood.

Timeless value in more ways than one

Burnt wood, especially Shou Sugi Ban has values that reach far past cost and price. It can be an emotional addition to the façade of the house. Even though it fits great in both contemporary or retro interiors, when we focus on cladding and siding, charred wood is a great choice.

Because the technical aspect of things is a definite homerun, we probably need not dive any deeper into that. Let’s instead focus on the value that charred timber siding adds besides being very practical.

To begin with, it’s timeless. If you would look at centuries-old homes in the Land of the Rising Sun, decorated with Shou Sugi Ban, you would definitely notice one thing in common. They do not look beat down or even dull, so to speak. Years later, they still stand out because the quality of the material shines through. Depreciation is not a concern with charred wood cladding because of its incredible technical characteristics. Whether it is 10, 20, or 100 years old, charred wood always attracts the eye and catches interest.

Born in Japan, loved all over the world

The whole philosophy of Japanese artisans was to find the perfect solution which is durable yet beautiful. Dependable yet captivating. Through many years of refinement, they have created Yakisugi.

This is not an everyday product that can be found right around the corner. It is the crème de la crème. Top of the range. Upper echelon. We can boldly guarantee that any house, condo, project or establishment will stand out from the pack as long as it has Shou Sugi Ban siding, or any exterior as well as an interior accent with charred wood for that matter.

Every homeowner or project developer can be proud of the solution they made. Why? Because you cannot go wrong with something that has been around for millennia

Wide range of application possibilities

Even though we emphasized the best qualities of charred wood cladding on paper, we feel like we have to back those claims up. By nailing down the traditional Japanese wood-burning technique called Yakisugi, we have been supplying charred wood sidings, deckings, claddings, fencings, and floorings to clients all over the world.

Our clients’ have very different ideas and visions. Some of them were serene, contemporary, very minimalistic. Others, however, were bold, completely out of the box even. Luckily, we’ve been fortunate enough to help all of our clients turn their dreams and visions into reality.

Since Shou Sugi Ban makes the wood much more resistant to dynamic climates, they can be fitted all over the world, seems like. Whether it be the mild, rainy UK, Scandinavian winter wonderland, or anywhere else in the world – burnt wood cladding and siding will fit in. It will stand out as a beautiful, top-shelf material, but remaining durable and fully intact for years to come.

Natural is beautiful

In today’s society of excess wealth and too little time, we rarely stop and appreciate the genuinely beautiful things. We have too few opportunities to soak in the beauty of nature that surrounds us, to say ‘I love you’ to the people we hold dear, and to value the essential things, we could not do without

Superficial values and products overshadow the truly important things – beauty and comfort. Shou Sugi Ban – charred wood – siding is both of those things. It is beautiful and comfortable, meaning it can be marveled at and lived in. Trust us, even in our times, such a combination of properties is hard to find. Versatility is becoming somewhat misunderstood and overlooked.

We, on the other hand, know how important it becomes, once you consider something as complicated as your livelihood. Things cannot be just nice; they have to have meaning, value, and add quality because otherwise, they are just useless.

And nothing is more amazing than having something which fits into the qualities we described and is also natural. Something that allows you to live in comfort with your body and soul.

It is a beautiful feat that only Yakisugi achieves, and no one can duplicate. That is of great value to us and can be to you as well.

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