Shou Sugi Ban Decking

Your home is your temple. Yakisugi wood charring technique has been widely used in ancient Japanese temple building, and now it is perfectly adaptable for building your home decking. Yakisugi technique connects three elements – earth (wood), fire and water and allows you to feel the energising natural wood texture with your barefoot feet.

Even though this wood working solution is very long lasting (it can last up to 100 years), it is essential to take care of the decking in order to preserve its natural beauty for as long as possible. Simply treat your terrace with natural oil once in a while.

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A manufacturing technology with a History behind it

In the past, Japanese architecture and interior decoration were inseparable from Yakisugi. This technique was the primary choice for everyone who decided to decorate their home tastefully. However, this did not require a sacrifice in terms of durability and longevity. Even today, very old, sometimes Ancient-almost homes in Japan, that have outdoor accents made from charred wood or charred wood decking boards inside, remain intact, unharmed and the Shou Sugi Ban boards used in construction – robust as ever.

This is what this technology does. It allows to turn regular wood into a supreme construction material as well as enhance its durability. In the old days, this technology was only adapted to process the beautiful Japanese Cypresses which were growing in the beautiful, lush forests at the heat of the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’. Technology has progressed, and with time, we have adapted wood burning to enhance many different kinds of trees. The Siberian Larch, Pine, Spruce and Accoya wood are our primary choice for now.

Yakisugi-inspired Shou Sugi Ban decking is made in accordance with the technology, which originated in Ancient Japan. However, this quality might seem like it would only be a beautiful showpiece with practical value entirely out of the question. It is not. Yakisugi’s glory days are not in the past. Degmeda has adapted this technology to modern-day lifestyle. We can bring timeless elegance to every household and/or environment and make it last.

Charred timber decking boards – for a premium look indoors and outdoors

Since the technology enhances the look of timber, it has to be said that it looks and feels premium. If you walk on the surface barefoot, you will definitely feel comfortable, because the decking has a smooth surface. Besides, it is also a sight to behold, thanks to the beautiful finish.
Moreover, the maintenance and care requirements are moderate and charred wood decking is a long-lasting, durable set of décor that will surely make your indoors and outdoors feel and look premium.

With that being said, we also have to note that a burnt wood deck is not just beautiful and smooth. Besides its amazing texture, you also have the durability and longevity, most plank and wood types can only dream of having.

Maintenance is practically non-existent, but the longevity and durability of the surface are largely dependent on how you take care of it. We treat charred timber decking with hybrid water-based oil. However, per your request, instead of hybrid, we can use natural oil.

Don’t forget to treat the decking yourselves. Every once in a while, apply oil, wash it with a water hose to keep it clean and tidy. We strongly recommend not to use high pressure washers for charred wood. It is a small price to pay when you consider the aesthetic value a Japanese burnt wood decking can bring.

How we char wood and how it is beneficial

The wood charring technology itself is another piece worthy of attention. The technology was created and refined back in Medieval or Ancient Japan. We only applied modern technology and state-of-the-art engineering solutions to increase production outputs and satisfy the growing needs of our customers. The diligent steps we take remain, mostly unchanged. Here is how regular planks and deck boards are turned into Shou Sugi Ban deck boards.

The secret of the process is in properly burning the outer layer of the plank. Well-equipped and trained personnel expose a spruce or pine board, for example, to flames that reach up to 1100 degrees Celsius. This is how we evaporate and eliminate all organic compounds from the wood. Elimination of organic compounds means no threat from parasites and infestations, which are common causes of wood damage.

Moreover, the heat forces the pores, which cover most of the wood’s surface, to close. Pores are essential for a live tree, but once it becomes construction material or Shou Sugi Ban, it has to distinguish itself with very different qualities. One of which is ‘Being waterproof’. Once pores close, the timber cannot absorb moisture, thus becoming waterproof. However, it remains breathable, even though Yakisugi makes it waterproof.

Only by setting timber on fire for long enough, we can achieve the aforementioned qualities. Not charring it enough will still leave it vulnerable to outside threats while burning it too long will damage it irreversibly. In addition, Yakisugi deckings have a much deeper colour, more enhanced wood lines and tones rather than regular timber. The aesthetic side of things mustn’t be overlooked, also.

As you can see, Yakisugi is a complex and very unique process. However, we have the savoir-faire which allows us to produce top-notch burnt wood decking pieces for our clients and their guests to enjoy.

Value for every exterior and project

The Shou Sugi Ban decking has a value that price and cost cannot put a number on. It is a beautiful piece of engineering know-how and an excellent example of world-class craftsmanship. It is a wooden accent that can last more than 10, 20 or even 50 years. If properly maintained, charred wood decking, as well as any other interior or exterior detail built from this material, can withstand well over a century. Yes, more than one hundred years or four hundred seasons is not the limit for a terrace that was built using select wood, processed in a time-tested and refined way.

Beauty is strongly interlinked with top quality. What you get as a result is magnificent woodwork that can be fitted anywhere and look beautiful as well as remain intact for decades or centuries to come.

Now that is value, and value never goes out of style.

Beautiful, yet fully natural boards

It may be somewhat difficult to believe, but Degmeda uses no chemical tricks that could be harmful to the environment to improve the look of burnt wood decking and other burnt wood products. Everything is beautiful in its natural state. No. Let us correct ourselves. Everything is beautiful because it is entirely natural and organic. Adding in chemical additives would only disrupt the perfect synergy and harmony that is already established.

So you see, the raw nature of Yakisugi and Shou Sugi Ban allows us to create a product which is beautiful to look at, durable and resistant to time as well as natural in every way. The technology is old, yes, but the only reason it is still relevant today is the fact that charred timber deck boards proved to be able to stand the test of time.

Our clients have vast options

With premium products and premium technologies, often the choice is very limited. Your selection with burnt wood products at Degmeda is vast and very exclusive. You can select one of seven desirable and unique colours and have free access to seemingly endless customisability options in terms of parameters and dimensions. We seek to offer exclusivity, yet adapt it to the needs of our clients.

When it comes to Shou Sugi Ban decking and the boards themselves, we know that it is us who should adapt the product, to suit the architectural or engineering idea. Not the other way around. Degmeda is very proud of having clients who work with us to realise their immensely extraordinary visions and out of the box structural ideas. Even though we can supply sublime products for more standard projects, it is those unique ideas which fully engulf our capabilities and versatility when it comes to Japanese wood-burning processes.

How to order

For customers who are looking to order decking boards, processed with Yakisugi technology, there are two ways you can do it.

The first option is to go into the ‘Shop’ section of our website, select the colour which interests you, enter in the desired measurements and profile types, add in your contacts and send out the request. Another way, especially if you aren’t entirely sure which burnt wood decking might look best or which one seems right for you – write us an email. Via back and forth communication, we can make proper arrangements and help you pick out the very best we can offer.

As soon as we agree on the details, we can begin production and will ship the finished decking directly to you!

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