Charred wood fence

Charred wood fence

Fence is the first element of you home, that is left behind when going out and that greets you coming back. Wood charring technique allows you to harmoniously match the natural surroundings, but also stand out. Natural colours and textures, that are intensified during wood charring process, create the feeling of cosiness and calmness. Everybody knows the good feeling of watching the fire – wood charring allows to capture this energy in the beautifully treated wooden fence.
In order for the fence to last for decades, it is advised to periodically treat it with natural oils (as in the end of the initial wood charring process).

About us

Degmeda offers traditional and timeless wood charring solutions. We’ve fully managed the old traditional Japanese wood charring technique yakisugi, in order to provide cosiness to your house cladding, fence or decking.

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