Shou Sugi Ban Fence

Fence is the first element of your home, that is left behind when going out and that greets you coming back. Wood charring technique allows you to harmoniously match the natural surroundings, but also stand out. Natural colours and textures, that are intensified during the wood charring process, create the feeling of cosiness and calmness. Everybody knows the good feeling of watching the fire – wood charring allows us to capture this energy in the beautifully treated wooden fence.

In order for the fence to last for decades, it is advised to periodically treat it with natural oils (as in the end of the initial wood charring process).

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An efficient technology with a History behind it

For centuries, charred wood has been an essential accent in Japanese architecture and culture. Shou Sugi Ban, as it’s called, defines wood which was processed using an ancient, yet very efficient technology from the Orient known as Yakisugi. In the past, Japanese artisans only used the beautiful local Cypress trees. Nowadays, this Japanese technology has spread all over the world, and it is adapted to numerous other trees.

If we talk about charred timber interior or exterior elements, Degmeda has the savoir-faire and technological capabilities to realise even the clients’ wildest dreams and visions. If you want to add something beautiful, exciting and rare to your house’s exterior – a burnt wood fence is one of the best ways to go. We can offer charred timber fences made from Siberian larche, Pine, Spruce as well as Accoya wood. Our clients can choose from one of the widest assortments of colours and profiles.

We believe that only a broad yet well-refined assortment of products and options can make clients satisfied.

Charred timber looks and feels premium

In a world which now seems to only value beauty at skin’s depth, something deep, meaningful and genuinely valuable is becoming more and more exclusive. Thus, more and more people are urging for time-tested technologies, especially in construction and manufacturing.

A house should also be a home. And ‘Home’ is separated from merely being ‘a house’ by having comfort, beauty and a serene aura around it. If everything is clunky, poorly made and superficial, such a place will never be a home. However, if developers, architects, homeowners or anyone else invests into the building and its surroundings and tries to make it feel warm and cosy – results will show it.

Exterior accents like Shou Sugi Ban fences feel and look premium. They are precisely the nuance which separates ‘Home’ from ‘House’. Even after many centuries of application, burnt wood fences and burnt wood (Shou Sugi Ban) interior accents are crème de la crème of what the world can offer to any accommodation.

How we char wood and how it is beneficial

We will not let you in on every secret detail up our sleeves, but we can give you a short rundown of how we manufacture the charred wood fences. The technology originated in Ancient Japan, but we adapted it for the 21st century. By implementing modern technology and refining centuries-old know-how, Degmeda can achieve very high production numbers and bring top-quality products for each one of our clients. Here’s how we turn regular planks into Shou Sugi Ban.

Everything begins with exposing wood to scorching hot flames which reach up to 1100 degrees Celsius. Fire encloses the pores on wood’s surface and eliminates all organic compounds which could fall prey to bacteria and vermin. This makes timber much more resistant to dynamic weather changes, parasites and a variety of other threats. Yakisugi technology turns regular timber into waterproof timber. For a Yakisugi fence, this is extremely important as it stands outside, unprotected from rain, hail, wind, moisture and heat. Fencing has to be durable in order to withstand the test of time, both physically and from a beauty standpoint.

And in this regard, a charred wood fence is also superior to most other options in the market today, or ever, even. The exposure to fire enhances texture and every single line or circle of treated wood. In addition, the colour gets more profound, and transitions between tones are much smoother. What we get in the end thus, is a not just a regular plank, but a near-perfect piece of charred timber which is immune to common threats and also – marvellous to look at.

Instead of opting for cheap wood and varnishing it just to have nice looks temporarily, opt for something timeless and very durable. Opt for Japanese burnt wood fences to add exclusivity and value to a yard or outside area.

Value for every household or project

Degmeda has the savoir-faire and the tools to realise the wildest, most out-of-the-box, visionary ideas that our clients put on the table. We are proud of being able to add value to every real-estate development, construction or architectural project that is brought to us. A Shou Sugi Ban fence adds that special something to the exterior of the house which isn’t always something you can describe in numbers and statistics. Sometimes there is more, hidden within.

Since the fence is arguably the first thing anyone notices when driving past your house, it has some standards to live up to. The fence also plays a protective role, preventing littering, damage to property and has other perks as well. These are the primary reasons which make fencing worth your while. Investing in a proper fence is smart because it genuinely improves the comforts of everyday life. Even more so, if the fence is beautiful and represents the home in an appropriate fashion.

Beautiful, yet fully natural

We mentioned the scarcity of beauty in the modern world. More precisely – beauty which is more than just on the surface. Beauty which can have meaning and history behind it, not just be cheap, affordable and easy to get. Those who understand beauty will know that it is not easy to achieve. Not everything is beautiful, and you cannot force something into becoming such, too. It has to be natural.

Shou Sugi ban is. And instead of how many things are relying just on their illustrious history to seem nice yet be totally impractical, or modern tech tries to play on being useful yet remains boring, Degmeda blends both positive qualities (modernity and history) together. In the end – without any additional chemicals or other shortcuts, we are able to produce something beautiful, and natural, timeless, with a strong history behind that. And you definitely cannot put a price and cost on such things. They are priceless and invaluable to some degree.

The technology comes from Japan, but our products are proudly made in Europe. Our production team is a panel of established, talented and very meticulous people who care about perfection, sublime quality and 100% customer satisfaction only.

Vast choices in your hands

Our clients can choose from a wide variety of wood finish so that anyone can find the right charred wood fence for their exterior design.

Every tone and colour are only intensified during charring, and thus all products have that much more pizzazz and longevity. Spruces, Accoya trees, Siberian Larches and Pines are turned into world-class fencing and can decorate your home or project. For a Yakisugi fence there is a broad choice of colours and tones.

Supplement your home or development with the class and attention it deserves. Choose a Burnt wood fence to get something which will be beautiful now and remain beautiful forever.

How to order

If you are interested in timeless Japanese wood processing technology and wish to surround your home or a development project with beautiful fencing, you can order a charred timber/Yakisugi fence from us with great simplicity and ease.

You can do that by either going to our store, finding a product which you wish to purchase, and entering in the details for your order. The latter includes choosing the right parameters like the right height (usually predetermined), width, length. Keep in mind to measure, because every parameter on our store is in millimetres.

The final unit is the quantity in square meters. Enter the exact value. After you have done all of that, proceed to input your contact information as well as any additional notes and comments that you might have. Once we see your order and the details, we can get back to you with a detailed quote. As soon as we agree on the details, we can begin production and will ship the finished fencing directly to you!

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