Shou Sugi Ban for Sale

What can you find in the shop?

Degmeda shop is the epicentre of all Shou Sugi Ban burnt wood for sale. The shop houses the catalogue of all charred timber colours and tones available to buy as well as any other miscellaneous and related goods such as charred corners.

Browse the wide abundance of Cedar, Accoya, Spruce, Pine and Siberian Larch burnt wood types that can be used as siding, decking, flooring, ceiling décor elements for both the interior and the exterior.

Look at the broad range of products and click on the one you like to find out more and look at the available dimension and profile options!

Charred wood dark

Why charred wood?

Japanese wood processing technology Yakisugi has been around for centuries. Over that time, it has spread from the Orient and became a popular high-end, premium choice of decoration for homeowners and real estate developers as well as architects all over the globe.

When you compare Shou Sugi Ban for sale against other available elements of wooden décor, the popularity and praise for the former becomes much clearer. Charred or burnt wood is much more durable and resistant because it has waterproof, fireproof and pest-proof properties as opposed to regular timber. The Japanese processing technology also greatly enhances the aesthetic side of things, darkening the wood, enhancing the black lines and texture. It’s a prime example of timeless elegance that fits in anywhere.

What is the technology behind wood charring?

The technology and the attention to detail put in during wood treatment with fire are key parts that make our final product so top-notch. The making of burnt Cedar, Accoya, Spruce, Pine and Siberian Larch or whichever else wood looks very much the same. You need scorching flames of around 1,100 degrees Celsius. Exposing to flames happens in a controlled and prepared environment. After the fire engulfs the wood for a short period of time and the wood is charred, the thick layer of coal is removed, the pores on the surface shrink while the overall colour darkens. Varnish is applied to finish things off. What we get in the end is charred timber of the highest quality.

Charred wood facade

How to get a quote?

Browse our shop and click on the product icon which you fancy. Enter in the dimensions, select the wood profile and fill out your contact information so we can get back to you with a detailed quote, cost and final price.

If you can’t find the needed dimensions or if you have any questions about the Shou Sugi Ban wood shop as well as anything related to our products and/or services, you can get in touch with us directly using the contacts disclosed on our website!