Shou Sugi Ban Accoya

What is Shou Sugi Ban?

The name ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ is Japanese. It is the name given to wood that has been processed and treated with a particular technology called Yakisugi, also originating from Japan.

Back in the 17th century, Japanese artisans found a way to prolong the service time of wood décor and wood as a constructional element. They devised a technology which made the wood more durable and resistant to various environmental threats that Japanese houses have to withstand. What they came up with was exposing wood to open flames until they were coated in a layer of charcoal.
After that, they would brush off the charcoal and the burnt wood was to be used as a constructional material. As you may or may not know, proper exposure to fire must not always reduce wood to ash. If exposed for the right amount of time, flames can also shrink the pores on its surface to prevent moisture absorbance, make wood much more fire retardant as well as pest proof.

Back in the 17th century, however, you could not buy Shou Sugi Ban or burnt wood boards as only a few people were in the know about this technology. In the 21st century, however, Degmeda offers top of the range charred Accoya timber and other types of burnt timber flooring, siding, fencing, decking and other sorts of boards for sale.

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Why Accoya wood?

The name Accoya is distinct and unique. There is often the case when a nicely sounding product is not up to standard, but Accoya wood, especially Charred Accoya is definitely worth the price. It is already quite durable from the get go, but Yakisugi turns it up a notch. After proper treatment with fire, the Accoya wood becomes one of the most capable materials for exterior as well as interior decoration. You can fit it on a wall, roof, ceiling, etc.

The best thing about Accoya wood, and all Shou Sugi Ban products at Degmeda is that each and every one of them is versatile in terms of aesthetics. You can plop them in a retro-inspired loft or a contemporary suburban home and they can blend in with anything and everything.

It is a premium material which means that it costs more than regular timber but what you buy is timeless quality, rarity and elegance which lasts, not just something that wears after a short while and goes out of fashion even quicker.

More information

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