Charred Siberian Larch

If there is one tree that can withstand and endure the harsh and unpredictable Russian winter, then it is definitely the Siberian Larch or Larix sibirica. This tree species is mostly found all over Russia. Its areal spans from Russia’s west – border with Finland up until the far reaches of Siberia, near Lake Baikal.

The largest Siberian Larches can grow up to 50 metres tall, and they are an iconic sight when artists or cinematographers try to visually depict Siberia. This tree is vastly abundant in Russia, yet it has so many great properties that the local population and engineers embraced and held it to the highest regard. It was used in the construction of railroads, posts, poles, etc. and sometimes still is today.

In addition to what we’ve just mentioned, some properties of the Siberian Larch make it an excellent source material for charring. And yes, Shou Sugi Ban Siberian Larch timber boards are amongst the very best and most beautiful in the whole wide world.

Wide variety and application purposes

As we mentioned, the Russians were the first to notice the many great constructional features of the Siberian Larch timber. However, many years went by until the Ancient Japanese Yakisugi timber processing technology, and the Siberian Larch timber met one another.

After the wood of the Larch gets treated with fire, now burnt Siberian Larch can be applied to any interior or exterior décor needs.

We, at Degmeda, offer a broad range of products, made from charred Siberian Larch. These include fencing, interior accents, cladding, decking and the availability of having your wood charred as well.

Since the larch, as well as any other wood that undergoes Japanese processing and treatment, it becomes much more versatile and adaptable to accommodation needs. This is the great thing about naturally treated wood, and especially – Shou Sugi Ban Siberian Larch. It is very durable, sturdy and much more beautiful than regular planks, meaning that fitting it in any environment is very simple.

We are proud to have fulfilled and complemented so many bold and visionary ideas of our clients by supplying Japanese-style burnt Siberian Larch décor to their commercial or residential projects.

What charring also does to the Siberian Larch

The Ancient Japanese wood processing technique Yakisugi is aimed at enhancing the beauty of every individual piece of timber as well as bolstering and strengthening its potential for construction.

Shou Sugi Ban is the given name for charred wood. It defines timber that has a distinct, more profound and enriched texture as well as finish. In addition to making the aesthetics better, Yakisugi wood processing technique also acts as a reinforcement measure.

Wood charring process

Everything begins and is centred around exposing the Siberian Larch to scorching flames of 1100 degrees Celsius. Those flames carbonise the surface, shrink and seal wood pores while also forcing carbohydrates to evaporate. These results have many different pros. A burnt Shou Sugi Ban Siberian Larch plank is fire resistant. Due to a small outer layer of charcoal (soot) covering the plank, it is much more retardant when compared to any kind of regular dry wood.

Pore sealing acts as waterproofing. Those same pores were primary absorbers of moisture in the first place. If they’re shrunk and enclosed, H2O has nowhere to go, and timber becomes much more waterproof. With that being said, even though the charred Yakisugi Siberian Larches are more or less waterproof, due to the natural processing, they remain breathable.

And finally, with the evaporation of carbohydrates, the threat of vermin and parasites also fades away. Most common pests like Termites, Slugs and other parasites are not attracted to processed Shou Sugi Ban timber.

Japanese artisans perfected and refined this technology to the best of their ability. However, Degmeda takes it to the 21st century. By using modern, state-of-the-art technology and fusing it with the savoir-faire of experienced personnel, we can turn any piece of unprocessed Siberian Larch timber into top-notch naturally charred Siberian Larch which should last for decades on out.

After fire treatment, the planks are then smoothed and brushed to remove all roughness that might still be present. The final step in the whole process is treating the Siberian Larch with either hybrid water-based or natural oil. Oil applications improve looks and act as ‘longevity insurance’ for the product.

Why choose Degmeda?

We believe that if a client is looking to purchase charred Siberian Larch cladding, decking, flooring, wall panelling or anything similar – our services would be their best option. Over the years, we have established and refined the best production methods to ensure cream of the crop quality and high production numbers. We have satisfied the needs of many clients. Our portfolio is full of conventional and very extravagant, unique projects that we were lucky to aid in creating. Besides, our unparalleled attention to customer service and satisfaction leaves nothing to be desired. Top-notch product, equally great service and a valuable product. This is why it is worth choosing us!

We have satisfied the needs of many clients

Our portfolio is full of conventional and very extravagant, unique projects that we were lucky to aid in creating

Attention to customer

Our unparalleled attention to customer service and satisfaction leaves nothing to be desired.

A valuable product

Top-notch product, equally great service and a valuable product. This is why it is worth choosing us!

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