Charred Siberian Larch Decking

Improve your home with Charred Decking

Your home is your temple and your home deserves the best. Degmeda offers top of the range Charred Siberian Larch decking boards. They are a very useful and very important decorative element of the exterior which means that whichever material you choose for it, that material and that look will attract lots of attention.

This is why it’s best to pick something reliable, something time-tested and a product which ticks all of the right boxes. Charred wood is definitely great in numerous applications, including decking. If you are looking for products and methods which would symbolise elegance, luxury from the outdoors and would be able to withstand for long, Charred Siberian larch deck boards should do just fine.

Why choose the Siberian Larch?

There are a lot of wood types out there for sale. However, even from the broad range of candidates, the Siberian Larch sets itself apart as one of the best types of lumber you can buy today. It is durable, dependable, sturdy and the way it looks (colour, texture) are appealing to a lot of people.

We recommend choosing Charred Siberian Larch decking for your home or project because you can be 100% sure of the product and timber quality that you are getting. Blending what is already a very dependable sort of wood with wood charring technique called Yakisugi is almost like a match made in heaven. Practice shows that decking made from Siberian Larch wood should be able to remain in peak condition for decades or centuries, even.

Why Degmeda?

Because we have years of experience in the field of burnt wood. Besides having the savoir faire in terms of charred timber, we also can proudly state about the dozens of satisfied customers from all over Europe.

Degmeda wants to be your one-stop-shop for high quality charred timber needs. We also offer consultations for customers that have questions or inquiries as well as top quality service, fast manufacture and delivery times.

In addition, we are also a company that is an avid advocate and promoter of responsible forestry. We are tirelessly looking into new ways and technologies that help us utilise results of responsible forestry and prolong the lifespan of Charred Siberian Larch decking boards or other burnt Yakisugi wood products as well.

Elegance and comfort for those who know what it’s worth!

In our times, unique and rare items are held in very high regard. When we talk about interior and exterior décor, burnt wood is definitely exclusive and unique. It stands out yet remains elegant and subtle. No need for shouty and super extravagant accents.

It’s a premium product for people who understand what, in essence, comfort is and for those that have the desire to achieve it without compromise!

Burnt wood siding

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