Charred Siberian Larch Floor

Floors that last a lifetime

Floors are an element of the home which not a lot of people pay attention to. And in a sense, that’s a great thing. Floors have to be durable, smooth and level for as long as possible. Since they have to deal with heavy loads, changes in temperature, moisture and other conditions almost 24/7, you have to pick the sturdiest and robust materials for the job.

Charred Siberian Larch floorboards are exactly what you need. Burnt wood boards are excellent for numerous applications both indoors and outdoors. When it comes to flooring, burnt Siberian Larch floors will look luxurious and elegant without drawing too much attention. If you are in the market for high-quality construction materials that have a timeless aesthetic appeal and the reputation to last decades – this product is just right for you!

Low maintenance, high quality

Usually high-class products require large investments in terms of maintenance. Shou Sugi Ban wood is not one of those usual cases. When it comes to care and maintenance, it has very modest requirements that involve periodic varnish application. Being resistant to rot, moisture, fire and pests, charred timber is an excellent purchase for every home. Whether you live in the South of France or the English Midlands, burnt wood floors will find a place and serve their purpose to the fullest extent.

We offer Charred Siberian Larch flooring for sale that has been treated with hybrid oils for more appeal. Per request we can also treat it with natural oil.

Eastern technology with a global appeal

Yakisugi is the name given to the technology which turns regular wood into burnt wood – a more desirable product. The name and the technology stem their roots in 17th century Oriental Japan. Back then it was a local phenomenon where Japanese artisans charred the Japanese cedar and built entire homes from treated wood. Japan has a very rapidly changing climate which means that the constructional elements have to withstand changes and variations.

As time has shown, this technology lasts decades and sometimes centuries even. Combining such an advantageous technology with a sturdy type of wood which is the Siberian Larch will definitely result in top notch boards for floors and other purposes as well.

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