Shou Sugi Ban Pine

Pine trees – a unique type of conifer

Pine trees are some of the best-known and most widespread trees in all of Planet Earth. The areas where they grow are vast and range from the southern parts of Spain all the way to Japan and from Western Territories of Canada down to Guatemala in Central America. Some pines have very long lifespans. However, what should interest you is the fact that most spruce trees or pine trees are some of the most commercially successful tree types.

In many industries, pines are highly valued thanks to high-quality timber and wood pulp. However, untreated pines are only recommended to be used for indoor applications only, since after they are cut down, their resistance to the environment is destroyed.

These circumstances have allowed us to make the most of the first-class pine timber. We take and we process it with an Ancient Japanese technology Yakisugi to produce high-quality Shou Sugi Ban pine boards which are beautiful, durable, resistant to various environmental threats and have tremendous longevity as well. Such boards can be easily chosen for use indoors or outdoors.

Wood charring + pine timber = timeless elegance

In general, when it comes to construction and engineering, conifer wood, in Europe, at least, is sometimes overlooked in favour of Oak, Birch, etc. This was never the case in Japan where such deciduous trees are much rarer. In the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, artisans perfected a craft called Yakisugi or wood charring. They used it to carbonise the surface of Cypress timber and made it much more beautiful as well as superior to regular wood in many technical regards as well.

In the world of décor, some trends are yearly. They come and go every few seasons and are not well-remembered. Then there are generational trends that can define a certain period, mostly – a decade. These are usually tasteful for a while, but they are still not nearly as enduring as timeless trends that span not just decades, but centuries, even. One of such patterns is charred wood which was popular in the 17th century Japan and is still appreciated to this date. That is four hundred years of being in-style. A feat which very few other décor types can replicate.

Charred Pine timber processing is rising in popularity

Degmeda adapted and tailored this technology for many different kinds of wood, including pines. Nowadays we can produce charred pine cladding, decking, fencing, interior details, etc.

Even though natural spruces and pines are already considered to be top-shelf wood, the Yakisugi technology takes everything a step further, especially in regards to beauty. What this Japanese wood processing technology does is accentuate and enhance colours, colour grading, transitions between tones and every individual line that is visible. All in all, a treated plank looks much more refined, much more expressed and to most – much more beautiful than a regular piece of wood.

From a close distance, as well as from afar, Yakisugi pine wood looks superior to plain, regular timber. And even though this technology originated in the Orient, in the modern-day and age, a global audience has fallen in love with it. These are not just big words, either. Burnt pine boards are getting more and more popular with both residential and commercial buildings in Europe, North America, not only Japan.

Vast improvements in technical regards

Yakisugi is also a technology which upgrades the constructional characteristics of pine trees and other conifer wood types as well. The secret of this upgrade is hidden in the Yakisugi wood charring process and what it does.

Exposing pine timber to fire does a great many things. For starters, flames can naturally turn timber waterproof. How? By forcing wood pores to contract and shrink, it completely stops processed boards from absorbing moisture because those very same pores were the primary containers for water in the first place. Waterproofing adds protection from decaying and mould. It is also worth mentioning that even though Pine Shou Sugi Ban timber is waterproofed, it stays breathable.

Burnt pine wood is also much more fire retardant because flames carbonise the plank. Finally, there is parasite-proofing. Since heat forces sugars and cellulose to evaporate, parasites will not find any nutritional value from treated pine wood, thus leaving it unharmed.

A technology that’s rich with history

This technology of wood processing is not just a sham or something made-up. Japanese artisans started doing it many centuries back, and the technology has only been improved and progressed over time. In the 21st century, there are not that many wood processing technologies with such a rich history as Yakisugi.

That is worth keeping in mind every time you or anyone else takes a look at Yakisugi pine cladding, fencing, interior décor accents or decking. It has that historic vibe and harmony, which is so hard to find nowadays.

Why choose us?

If you are looking to buy premium quality building materials for commercial or residential developments, Degmeda should be your go-to and one-stop choice for all wood décor needs. Shou Sugi Ban pine boards are amongst those products, mostly favoured by our clients. It is technologically advanced, aesthetically beautiful and wholesomely well-fitting with any kind of style, design choices or ideas.

Much more comfort to your home or project

If you are interested in adding much more comfort to your home or project – opt for burnt pine siding, fencing, decking or interior décor, and you will definitely not be disappointed. Browse the shop and choose the finish! Our guarantees are exceptional customer support and top-notch product, delivered right to your doorstep.

Ordering & if you have any questions

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