Shou Sugi Ban Pine Siding

Why it’s worth investing into cladding?

Cladding is usually the main element which bypassers and homeowners notice about their home. Since it is arguably the most noticeable part of the façade, it’s sensible to look for a nicer option, right?

However, a lot of people overlook the fact that cladding has to withstand a lot of environmental and other challenges as well as have to have the durability required for years to come. This is where Shou Sugi Ban pine cladding (also known as siding) comes into play. Besides looking aesthetically superior to regular timber and some other constructional materials burnt pine wood cladding also has a plethora of other benefits that help retain the reputation of longevity, durability and dependability.

Why Shou Sugi Ban pine wood is the best choice for cladding?

We have to establish the fact that pine wood is an excellent material for construction, right from the get go. It is quite resistant to rot while also being labelled as one of the more durable types of wood. Shou Sugi Ban pine cladding is all of those things and more. The Japanese wood burning process – Yakisugi makes the timber resistant to fire and moisture as well as even more resistant to pests and rot.

So, in addition to great aesthetic qualities that charred timber brings in, Japanese burnt wood for sale is also a product that you will be able to rely on as an integral part of your home.

Yakisugi wood treatment

Yakisugi wood charring technology has been around since the 1600s’. From then, until now, the technology has been refined and upgraded for the modern day and age. However, a large part of it remains unchanged. We take every individual pine board and treat it with fire. After it’s covered with a layer of charcoal, the charred timber is brushed, processed and varnished with hybrid or natural oil. In the end we have a premium product for sale all over the world.

Burnt wood project

Any questions?

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