Shou Sugi Ban Pine Floor

Pine wood benefits

Pine wood is known around the world for its many great qualities. To begin with, pines are quite rot-resistant and tough, which makes them a very sought-after material in construction. If you have charred pine wood, it becomes even more robust and resilient against external hazards that harm regular timber.

After it has been processed Shou Sugi Ban pine wood can be used in various applications. For example, Shou Sugi Ban pine flooring has the characteristics (both on paper and in practice) to be a fitting addition to your home or development.  

Finally, charred pine wood looks much more luxurious than its regular counterparts. For those that appreciate timeless elegance it will definitely be the product of choice.

Why Shou Sugi Ban?

Both on paper and in real life, Shou Sugi Ban pine flooring is superior to regular timber and probably all other materials when you consider all aspects. Yakisugi (name of wood processing technique) covers all the weak points of timber as well as improving the aesthetics.

Wood is also a natural material which is favourable thing for those that are looking for a more natural feel to their home. If you decide to buy burnt wood floor for your home, pine wood is probably the right way to go.

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Degmeda – know-how and class in one place

Regardless of which business sphere, niche or area you look into, finding experienced, knowledgeable experts in a premium segment is always a very rare thing. Luckily, Degmeda is a brand which is proud to be able to bring top notch produce to dozens of clients from all over Europe and the rest of the world. Besides Shou Sugi Ban pine floors we offer other charred wood décor boards to help build you dream home from inside out.

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