Shou Sugi Ban Spruce

What is Shou Sugi Ban?

Shou Sugi Ban is the name given to processed timber which has been treated using the Ancient Japanese technology known as Yakisugi. This technology revolves around exposing individual wood boards to fire and allowing them to burn for a short while. The flames not only completely change the look of the boards, but charred timber actually has a lot more beneficial qualities than one could imagine at first.

To begin with, the colour of burnt wood is almost always significantly darker and deeper than of its regular counterparts’. The flames enhance texture nuances such as the texture lines, circles, etc.

However, the main changes happen in terms of changing physical characteristics. Charred timber has no cellulose left since it evaporates due to scorching flames, making Shou Sugi Ban, in this case Spruce, unattractive to parasites. Furthermore, flames shrink the pores which attract moisture, turning a regular spruce into a waterproof one and finally – the layer of charcoal which coats the surface is a great fire retardant.

Shou Sugi Ban combined with stone cladding

Why Spruce wood?

Everyone who is at least a little familiar with wood knows that Pine wood is the king of softwoods. However, Spruces are also quite durable yet they are better known for their role in the Winter holiday season.

Degmeda recommends using burnt Spruce wood for flooring, siding, fencing, decking purposes as well as a wide variety of other exterior (e.g. roof) and interior (e.g. ceiling) applications. Shou Sugi Ban Spruce is a very versatile and adaptable product that you can fit to almost any home and it will still look elegant and nice.

This is yet another benefit that is worth mentioning. Whether you decide to go all-Japanese in your interior or whether you are trying to build a minimalistic Scandinavian environment indoors, charred timber (Spruce or other) elegantly blends in with the rest of the elements.

What Shou Sugi Ban Spruce products does Degmeda offer for its clients?

If you are looking for the best quality of timber for sale today, look no further than Shou Sugi Ban Spruce wood that we offer. Besides the qualities which we listed above, we are always advocating for responsible forestry and are continuously looking to improve our contributions to lessening deforestation and preserving the beautiful forests of our planet.

With that being said, we do not compromise when it comes to quality. We have a very broad know-how on making top-notch charred wood products and we have dozens of satisfied clients from all over the world. You can also look at our gallery to find out exactly how do our products look in real life if you decide to buy them.

Spruce Shou Sugi Ban

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