Siding Ideas for Ranch Style Homes

Nothing beats a ranch house. The wide layout, the easy-angled roof, the spacious feel – the whole structure is a breath of fresh air. Walking into your ranch style home for the first time, you can almost hear the patter of little feet running from one end to the other. Your first walk-through is so exciting; with all this open space, the possibilities for interior design are endless. But just for a moment, turn your attention to the outside. What did you think when first driving up to your new house? Did it look like your home?

You’ve probably chosen well, and hopefully, the house is in good shape when you move in. But even so, you’ll want to put in a lot of work to really make it yours. That first drive up makes a difference. Imagine, at the end of a long day of work or coming home after a long road trip, you’re rolling up the drive, and there at the end – home. Your home. What’s the first thing you see?

The Importance of Siding for Ranch Homes

The most significant part of your home is the cladding. It’s the skin of the house, the largest organ of its body. Naturally, you’ll want to make the best decisions for its appearance. So what will you choose? Well, there are a lot of options to choose from, and while looks are important for your house, they aren’t everything. You’ll also need to factor in functionality. But not all siding is created equal. Allow us to give you some guidance. Here are some house siding ideas for you to consider. We’ll save the best for last.


Vinyl siding is perhaps the most common type there is, so much so that it’s probably the first one that came to mind when you read “siding.” It owes its high popularity to its low cost and low maintenance. But with that low price comes lower quality. No, it won’t fall off your house when you slam the door, but it is more prone to damage than some other types of cladding. Hail, lawnmower debris, and intense heat are all risk factors for vinyl.

Fiber Cement

This might not sound as familiar as vinyl, but it’s quite popular nowadays. Fiber cement is still pretty affordable, but it’s also of a much higher caliber. It can withstand intense heat, and it stands up better to high impact. This is because it is a composite that consists of wood fibers and cement.


Brick is arguably more popular than vinyl for house siding, but it might not have come to mind as a viable choice at all. You may have thought of it as a structural aspect of the house. In fact, in modern homes, brick serves purely as a facade. It serves no purpose structurally. All cladding serves to deflect water and debris away from the main structure of the house to prevent damage, and brick does a great job of this. It has done for thousands of years.

Charred Wood

Charred wood dark

As promised, we’ve saved the best for last. When it comes to home siding ideas, charred wood is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, the right kind of wood cladding will protect your structure for a long, long time. Specifically, Shou Sugi Ban is the way to go. Also called Yakisugi, this traditional Japanese method of wood preservation is hundreds of years old. The charred timber not only has a natural finish that’s as unique as it is beautiful, but it also protects the wood from pests, moisture, and other kinds of damage. Yakisugi siding can last 100 years before it needs to be replaced, so you can rest assured you’re making a great long-term decision for your ranch house. Besides, just look at it! Isn’t it beautiful?

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