The Benefits of Charred Wood Siding

Charred wood siding, also known as burnt wood siding, Shou Sugi Ban, and Yakisugi, is a traditional Japanese technique that offers many benefits, such as better properties, durability, and lower maintenance over other common types of siding. Over the past decade, Shou Sugi Ban siding has been gaining popularity all over the world. This type of siding is more than just a design trend. Charred timber siding offers unique, durable, environmentally friendly, and beautiful siding for all kinds of homes.

The process of charring wood was invented in 18th century Japan. It’s a method of preserving wood by burning the surface to different degrees, and then coating it with oil. The Japanese art of Yakisugi increases the wood’s fire retardancy, brings out its natural beauty, and increases its durability and resistance to the elements.

Charred wood siding benefits
– Charred wood siding benefits

What Makes Burnt Wood Siding a Smart Choice

Shou Sugi Ban experts burn each wooden plank on both sides with a blowtorch. This makes the outer part of the wood, the cellulose, burn off, leaving only the black lignin. The burning procedure is both deliberate and carefully controlled. Depending on the project, some of the char is scraped off with a stiff brush before being sealed with a non-toxic oil. The process is time-consuming but well worth the wait.

Buyers can select the kind of wood and the degree of charring they want, depending on the project. Charred wood siding can be less expensive than other common types of siding, offering a unique result that lasts for decades. It’s also easier to work with because the char softens the wood. Even reclaimed wood can be a great choice for charring. The process of Shou Sugi Ban is done completely by hand, offering a uniquely beautiful, long-lasting, and durable product.

Shou Sugi Ban offers several significant benefits that set it apart from other types of siding. Depending on the type of wood and the charring process itself, you can find it in every imaginable pattern, texture, and tone. This versatility makes it a perfect solution for a wide variety of architectural styles, from contemporary to traditional. Along with a unique look that doesn’t fade over time like common untreated wood solutions, Yakisugi siding is extremely resistant to extreme weather.

Probably the greatest benefit of burnt wood siding is unmatched endurance. With fantastic resilience to ants, termites, and other pests, this type of siding can protect your home for 100 years. All you need to do is oil it once in a decade, so the price of maintenance is minimal, and there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to replacement. Thanks to all these benefits, charred timber is a fantastic choice for fences, porches, decks, patios, and many other applications, providing your home with a truly unique look and greatly increasing its curb appeal.


Shou Sugi Ban is an all-natural technique that helps preserve wood siding. It is a highly environmentally friendly solution since no harmful chemicals are used in the process. Burnt wood siding should receive a new oil coat every 10 to 15 years to maintain its beautiful natural color and preserve its properties. Many types of wood can be used for Yakisugi: from Accoya, larch, and pine to spruce and cedar, to name a few. The most popular woods for charred siding are larch, pine, and cedar.

Burnt wood cladding
– Burnt wood cladding

Final Thoughts

Japanese charred timber siding is beautiful and visually appealing, offering an all-natural finish to your home that is as reliable as it is beautiful and energy-efficient. The Shou Sugi Ban process makes a fantastic choice for many different types of projects. Charred wood siding is a non-toxic way to enhance your property’s curb appeal without a negative impact on the environment. The popularity of Yakisugi siding has increased significantly in recent years, and more and more people are turning to it as an affordable and ecologically friendly alternative to classic types of siding. If you’re considering this option for your dream home, Degmeda siding solutions can help. With numerous options to choose from, you’ll definitely find the ideal solution for your project. The company has been in business for ten very successful years with a team of experts and a vast product line ready to bring all your ideas to life.