What is Shou Sugi Ban?

Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi is the traditional method of wood preservation, which originated in Japan in the 18th century. This technique involved charring wood via a hot flame, polishing it, and sealing to preserve it for a century or even longer. Besides the glamorous textures that reveal the unique imperfections of charred timber, Shou Sugi Ban is growing in popularity thanks to exceptional resistance to water, fire, and insects. More folks are opting for Yakisugi as their solution for cladding, flooring, decking, and fencing because of these qualities.

Yakisugi wood
– Yakisugi wood

The Japanese Art of Charred Wood

Looking for long-lasting wood for house siding and decks can be hectic. Untreated wood often rots because it is exposed to devastating weather elements such as rain and immense heat. To waterproof, most people end up painting their wood with varnishes that produce irritating toxic fumes.

Shou Sugi Ban involves treating robust cypress wood under a blazing flame to toughen the surface of the timber. When timber is charred, the heat carbonizes the cellulose and sugars at the surface. The wood gets brushed to remove coarse charcoal particles and sealed with oil that has a drying agent, and it’s left to dry. Brushing also exposes the beautiful natural dark texture underneath. This ancient procedure makes the charred timber resistant to the elements and wood pests. With Shou Sugi Ban, you will never have to worry about your house sidings or decks decomposing. Yakisugi burnt wood has stood the test of time, facing tempestuous hailstorms, raging winds, scorching heat waves, and monsoon rains common in Japan.

Resistant, Versatile, and Sustainable

Shou Sugi Ban has emerged as a fusion of traditional and modern décor for timeless structures. Lab tests by Nakamoto Forestry in Japan have also proven that the charred wood is exceptionally fire-resistant, unlike wood treated with other methods. Furthermore, no harmful substances are used during the process, making burnt wood perfect for decorating the surfaces inside your home. Other petroleum-based products used to preserve the wood from decomposition produce toxic chemicals that are harmful to the respiratory and nervous systems.

What is Shou Sugi Ban
– Shou Sugi Ban

A Stylish Solution That Lasts

When polished, the charred wood reveals tales of aged trees in a luxurious language of deep natural abstract patterns. Each piece is unique because of the distinctive dark textures that become more pronounced when the wood is burnt and polished. The product is end product makes a great choice for any indoor or outdoor applications. Burnt wood interior and exterior decor effortlessly add a unique touch and timeless beauty to all architectural styles. Degmeda offers a wide variety of versatile Japanese Shou Sugi Ban products that are guaranteed to turn all your ideas into reality.