Shou Sugi Ban Ireland

By using ancient Japanese wood preserving methods, we provide top-notch Shou Sugi Ban wood for cladding/siding, fencing, decking, and etc.

We are Degmeda - specialized burnt wood enthusiasts that will bring your ideas to life. Our mission - provide the highest quality premium look charred wood products to suit your needs. From small houses to enormous size buildings, we can help you! If you are living in Ireland or elsewhere check our products catalog.

Our Charred Wood Products

We supply burnt wood suited for siding, flooring, fencing, decking, paneling, and other aspects of interior or exterior. We accept various orders, so feel free to contact us and find the best solution for your needs. You can also check our latest products catalog where you can find various types and colors of timber and buy it.

Wood that We Use

We use only the finest quality wood to make sure that we will give you the best Shou Sugi Ban experience. Ranging from darkish to greyish colors that give unique modern-looking interior and exterior results. Turn your outdated traditional wood design into the new modern look that will last longer!

  • Accoya – sustainable timber that has a minimum impact over time.
  • Spruce – warm feel wood that ensures coziness.
  • Pinewood – durable solution for all needs.
  • Siberian larch – a dense wood that is strong enough to survive anything.
  • Cedar – wood which aromatic flavor is known for almost a thousand years.

Yakisugi for Interior and Exterior

Our production is ever-growing to satisfy today's standards. Solving various design problems is our casual work to bring joy to our clients. Examine new ways on how to redesign your house to make it more appealing. Our charred wood has a unique looking texture that will blend in almost every environment. Discover the latest style trends now by exploring Shou Sugi Ban products.


We are offering flooring, paneling, and ceiling solutions for our clients in Ireland. Want to give your project a different flavor? Check our gallery to get more ideas.


We can offer decking, siding, roofing, and fencing solutions for your needs. A gorgeous look that will last longer than any other type of wood.

Shou Sugi Ban Origin

Shou Sugi Ban (yakisugi) is a preservation method that is often called burnt wood, charred wood or charred timber. It originated in Japan in the early 1700s. Shou Sugi Ban was one of the primary materials to build houses. For such prevalence, durability was a major factor because charred wood buildings could last over 100 years back in a day. Compared to typical wood, burnt wood did not require a lot of effort to maintain it to look good. On the other side, it was quite expensive to build a house of Shou Sugi Ban wood, therefore people began to look for cheaper alternatives, and the Yakisugi method was almost forgotten. After centuries, this method was brought to life again and continued to trend not only in Ireland but also all across the world as a luxury product.

We Ship to Ireland

Our mission is simple - provide the highest quality products for you. From small to large-scale orders we are shipping to Ireland. Place an order and we will make the shipping process simple for you. After the payment is received, we will work hard to send you our products as soon as possible. Contact us now to get more details about the shipping process.

Shou Sugi Ban Wood Price

Shou Sugi Ban price depends on many things such as type of wood, how big is your project, what type of product you need (cladding, fencing, roofing, decking, and etc.). You can always contact our professional personnel that will help you. We can consult you and answer all your questions. If you have already decided which products interest you, provide information about your project and we will send an offer now.

Where to Use Burnt Wood?

Burnt wood is a durable material that makes it an excellent choice for various types of buildings. We should also mention that charred timber brings an automatic warmth and coziness feeling that will make you feel calm and relaxed. Not only it gives you a great experience but it also has fire, water and insect resistance. You can feel safe whether you use it in the interior or exterior, because of its protective features. We use only the highest quality timber to ensure that our clients will be satisfied. Be unique and stand out from others in Ireland!


The interior design plays a vital role when you think about how much time you will spend inside your house. It is important to feel comfortable in a private space. Using Shou Sugi Ban timber in your interior will create a luxurious look that will always surprise you. We provide our products in Ireland, find some ideas on where you could use charred wood below.

Shou Sugi Ban floor


Our burnt wood flooring products texture provides a hint of richness and warmth feeling that will not let you turn your head from that gorgeous looking floor. Not only it looks great but it also provides weatherproof abilities, so it makes it a great choice for both inside and outside flooring. To maintain natural texture, you will only need to apply oil from time to time.

Shou Sugi Ban siding


If done right, wooden paneling can be a seriously stylish option. The surrounding aura makes a cozy atmosphere that will make you feel calm. Rediscover old-fashioned wooden panels and bring it to life again to amaze your guests.

Burnt wood ceiling


With almost zero maintenance, Shou Sugi Ban ceilings will keep your house warm. A choice for a really modern look with a unique texture that will not let you turn your head down. The ceiling is one of the most important things in the house design because it is a time-consuming process to make your ceiling look clean. Without special treatment, our products can last for almost a full century, so you will not need to worry about your ceilings again!


The exterior design brings life to your house. If you want to stand out from others buildings, use our premium look products that will last longer and will not require a lot of supervision to maintain its look. The exterior plays a significant role in your house design that could represent luxury. If you want charred wood with rich textures, we have products in Ireland for decking, siding, roofing, and fencing! Bring the precious look to your house for a decent price and explore new possibilities on how to make your house look fascinating.


A smooth surface that will not require a lot of maintenance. Burnt wood is water-resistant and will ensure that you will not need to worry about decay. You will only need to apply natural oil from time to time to retain the original look. Charred wood deck - an excellent choice of comfort.


A top-notch style that will last for almost a full century. Charred wood is fire resistant, therefore you should not worry too much about your safety. It is durable which makes it an excellent choice for cladding.


Burnt timber roofs are not only beautiful but also durable as well. Because of how hard and frustrating is the roofing process, longevity brings an enormous advantage. Our products have a unique texture that is stylish and will not require spending a lot of time on maintenance.


Fence is one of the first things that you see when you enter your house territory. It is important that the color of a fence will last for a long time, therefore we have a solution for you! Our fencing products provide durable material that will not lose its color.

Charred wood for sale

Buy Burnt Wood at Degmeda

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