Shou Sugi Ban Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Degmeda specializes in burnt wood products, also known as Shou Sugi Ban. By applying ancient japanese wood preserving methods to our technology we produce top-notch quality charred wood for cladding, fencing, decking, and etc.

After many researches and experiments, we were able to create technology that automated the process of Yakisugi wood preservation that guarantees the highest class burnt wood production. Our effort became reality and now we can create unique looking charred wood for today's modern design ideas. From small to gigantic projects - we can help you by providing our products to suit all of your needs. If you are living in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and you need Shou Sugi Ban wood - you are in the right place. Check our products catalog and find your best charred wood option today!

Our Charred Wood Products

Have you ever thought about making your dreams come true? Then this is the right company that will ensure to bring your ideas to life. Not only charred wood is looking great but it is also the right choice for buildings that will last longer and will not require a lot of maintenance. From interior to exterior – we have solutions to fit your needs. Our products give you one of the most fascinating looks that will trend for many years.

Wood that We Use

We only use premium quality wood to suit your needs. Our color palette ranges from charcoal darkish colors to brighter ones like light grey larch. Forget about old fashioned classic wood design and discover something new that would inspire you.

  • Accoya – acetylated wood that achieved cost-effective recognition in 2007.
  • Spruce – wood from pyramid-shaped trees which provides a warm feel.
  • Pinewood – one of the most commercially important woods because of its durability.
  • Siberian larch – a strong and dense wood that is famous for longevity.
  • Cedar – aromatic wood that has been used by humans for a thousand years.

Yakisugi for Interior and Exterior

Our production has something to offer for you if you are looking for a more modern look. We will solve your problems by giving the best quality products for your design ideas. Do not be shy and experiment with new ideas for your dream house. Our technology combined with Japanese tradition provides an excellent choice of burnt wood for flooring, cladding, fencing, and more that we have for sale. Send us an e-mail or call us if you cannot find the products you need.


We are offering flooring, paneling, and ceiling solutions for our clients in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Want to give your project a different flavor? Check our gallery to get more ideas.


We can offer decking, siding, roofing, and fencing solutions for your needs. A gorgeous look that will last longer than any other type of wood.

Shou Sugi Ban Origin

Shou Sugi Ban (yakisugi) is a preservation method for wood that originated in Japan. It is also commonly called burnt wood, charred wood. The idea of this preservation method is to grant wood with some unique abilities like fire or water resistance and also protect it from insects. Back in the early 1700s, Shou Sugi Ban played a huge role in Japanese houses because of its longevity, durability, texture, and more… In the early 2000s, burnt wood was rediscovered and gained popularity in Europe. After a few years, its popularity exploded. From then, charred wood continued to trend in modern design till this day.

We Ship to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Whether you have a small dream or a big project we have something to offer to you. Our specialists can consult and answer all of your questions. Our mission is simple - provide highest quality Shou Sugi Ban throughout the world. Contact us for shipping to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines details, price, or delivery time.

Shou Sugi Ban Wood Price

The price of Shou Sugi Ban wood depends on: how big is your project (is it a small house or a huge hotel), which type of wood you will choose, what type of products you will need (cladding, fencing, decking) and etc. When all the required information will be received we will be able to tell you how much charred wood for your project will cost.

Where to Use Burnt Wood?

Our products can be used in almost every aspect of a house, but the most common are: flooring, paneling, ceiling, decking, siding and fencing. Longevity, durability, fire, and water resistance are only a few words that describe why you should use burnt wood for your interior and exterior design. Explore new possibilities that will satisfy your needs.


The interior is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a cozy atmosphere. Therefore you have to choose your design wisely. You will spend a lot of time inside your home and that is one of the reasons to make it look as pleasant as it could be. We can supply our products to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to give you our high-quality products. Our specialists have thought about your desires.


Excellent choice for indoor and outdoor because of its weatherproof abilities and also stylish and extremely versatile option for the lifelong floor. Use Shou Sugi Ban to make your floor look dazzling and forget about old fashioned typical wood design.


An ancient feeling that covers a deep history. Relaxation would be one of the words that describe the surrounding aura in a house with burnt wood walls.


A superior choice for a modern look that will not let you turn your eyes down. Charred wood has a gorgeous texture that looks great in different styles of houses.


When we talk about the exterior, our company should be your top choice because of its gorgeous and unique looking charred wood products. If you want premium class – take a look at our gallery. Shou Sugi Ban wood preservation method can last over 100 years with minimal maintenance. Use charred wood for the facade, deck or fence. Our professional personnel will offer high quality Shou Sugi Ban wood and will consult you if needed. We supply our premium quality products to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Our wood is abiding and will not require special effort to make it look good.


A premium look for a decent price. A solid choice for those who love a smooth surface. It will not require a lot of maintenance, therefore it will ensure its longevity and durability.


Expressive look for a top-notch style. At a first glance, charred wood may seem like a risky idea for siding/cladding but in Japan, Shou Sugi Ban became popular only because of its durability and longevity! When processed, charred wood is being burned at 1100 degrees Celsius and thanks to high temperatures wood becomes much more resistant to all threats.

Buy Burnt Wood at Degmeda

If you are not considered yet, read our blog to get more information about Shou Sugi Ban or check our gallery to get more ideas for your dream project.

Degmeda – charred timber enthusiasts that will serve only the highest quality products for your needs. Contact us now to discuss shipping to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines details and prices!

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