Wood charring

Wood charring

Wood preservation with fire – the most natural wood preparation method, ensuring preservation and aesthetics of the wooden surface. We will treat your wood employing ancient Japanese technique and make sure you are satisfied with the end result.

The process

Wood charring involves a few relatively simple steps:

  • Wood is treated with fire, until even texture is achieved;
  • The planks are brushed away to remove small particles;
  • Wood is washed with water;
  • The planks are treated with natural oils to ensure longevity.

Even though this technique has been around for centuries, this timeless wood preservation method is perfectly adaptable for interior and exterior design solutions nowadays. The result of wood charring is especially practical and also aesthetically pleasing. What is more, wood treatment with fire not only adds a beautiful colour and texture to the planks, but also ensures preservation from environmental factors (fire, decay, insects). Yakisugi technique is usually applied when working with conifer wood (pine tree, fir tree, cedar, cypress, larch). Wood treated by fire is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also lasts for decades.

About us

Degmeda offers traditional and timeless wood charring solutions. We’ve fully managed the old traditional Japanese wood charring technique yakisugi, in order to provide cosiness to your house cladding, fence or decking.

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