Shou Sugi Ban Douglas Fir

Shou Sugi Ban, also known as Yakisugi or charred wood siding, is an ancient Japanese method of treating wood. The wood is burned at high temperatures to make it weather, pest, and fire-resistant. Then it is cleaned with a wire brush, rinsed, and oiled. The resulting product is an environmentally friendly material for decking, siding, fencing, and more. It is beautiful to look at, providing elegance to home finishing and other interior and exterior projects. Shou sugi ban has become increasingly popular in recent years because of its sustainability and reputation as a long-lasting method of siding homes.

Burnt douglas fir
– Burnt wood cladding by Degmeda.

Douglas Fir – Is It the Right Material

Douglas fir is a softwood similar to pine and spruce. It is a good choice for cladding. It’s also cost-effective, and a suitable option for those with tight budgets. Douglas fir is easy to install, which makes it great for DIY home projects. Fir has a smooth finish, making it an attractive option for many different home projects. It comes in long planks, making it ideal for siding and decking.

Because it is softer than some burnt wood, fir requires more attention and care. It needs to be well-sealed and may require frequent maintenance to keep its resistant properties. You can also use it for an interior floor or paneling.

Shou Sugi Ban douglas fir
– Shou Sugi Ban by Degmeda.

Best Alternatives for Shou Sugi Ban

If you’re looking for charred timber exclusively for outdoor projects, there are many types of wood that are favored by professionals. Whether you need a fence, a deck, or even siding, these woods are sturdy and stand up well to the high temperatures required of Shou Sugi Ban. They also weather the elements well.


Pine is a favorite for charred wood because it is relatively inexpensive compared to some other options. Pine takes paint and stain incredibly well and has a smooth finish when treated. It looks fabulous, especially on residential structures. However, because pine comes in different lengths, it can be challenging to find boards long enough for siding. Fence or decking might be a better alternative if your heart is set on pine, but know this: pine is a softwood, which means that it’s not as strongly resistant as some other options. You can use it in exterior projects; it just has to be well-sealed and continually maintained.

Pine Shou Sugi Ban


Spruce belongs to the pine family. It shares many of the pine’s challenging characteristics. Most notably, it doesn’t withstand the elements very well. You can mitigate this with frequent attention, especially in wet climates. Spruce requires continuous monitoring to prevent rot. However, if you love pine’s look and finish but want a longer length for siding, spruce is your wood. Like pine, it is well-suited for paint and stain, and it also has the same smooth finish that makes pine so popular.

Spruce Shou Sugi Ban
– Degmeda offers Shou Sugi Ban spruce products.


Accoya is an exceptionally versatile modern wooden cladding option. It is a durable wood that doesn’t swell from moisture or shrink in the heat or cold. These characteristics make it extremely popular in climates that experience dramatic weather shifts between the seasons. Paint and stain hold longer on Accoya, meaning that it needs less attention and maintenance than pine or spruce. It lasts longer than most other wood types, so it’s a very cost-effective solution. Accoya is sustainable, but it can be initially expensive, and it is hard to find commercially.

Accoya® Shou Sugi Ban wood


Larch is incredibly popular for Shou Sugi Ban because it is a highly dense type of wood. This makes it remarkably stable, as well as naturally decay-resistant. Larch is an increasingly popular option in wet climates in Europe and the United States. Like pine and spruce, larch maintains a smooth finish. If you want your cladding to look more natural, then you can’t go wrong with larch. However, it’s more expensive than spruce and pine.

Larch Shou Sugi Ban
– Degmeda offers Shou Sugi Ban larch products.

Burnt Wood – Where to Order?

Degmeda provides quality charred wood products for cladding, flooring, decking, fencing, and other projects. Our catalog features timber such as Accoya, larch, pine, spruce, cedar, and more. Degmeda also provides wood charring services and worldwide shipping.

Visit our website or our blog for more information and see how this traditional Japanese wood treatment technique can help you build your dream home.

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