How Durable is Shou Sugi Ban Wood?

The concept of Shou Sugi Ban has recently resurfaced from the ashes. This method of preserving wood building materials by burning their surface began in Japan during the 1700s and is currently causing quite a stir in contemporary exterior design. Charred wood, also known as Yakisugi, is the weapon of choice for various modern architects and builders when it comes to facade cladding and other projects because of its resistance and weatherproof attributes that are nothing short of exceptional.

Shou Sugi Ban durability

What Makes Charred Timber So Durable?

There are several key factors responsible for Shou Sugi Ban durability. First of all, and contrary to popular belief, fire actually works as an excellent wood enhancer when applied moderately and in a controlled environment by somebody who knows what they’re doing. The recipe is fairly simple – scorching the wood to release the moisture inside, brushing and washing it to remove the excess soot, and sealing each board’s natural oil. These steps, performed by a professional, will naturally keep your wood safe from UV radiation, humidity, and vermin.

Another critical thing to keep in mind is the quality of the wood. Not all timbers react the same to wood charring. Soft, porous, naturally resilient woods work flawlessly with this technique – Shou Sugi Ban pine and charred Siberian larch are great examples. These lower-density materials hold up so well when burnt because their molecular structure allows for char to accumulate on their surface. Ideally, Yakisugi should create at least a 2mm deep carbon layer so that it takes longer to erode, thus preserving its protective attributes.

Charred wood durability in bad weather

Last but not least, the shielding film given by the finishing natural oil coat is another component that makes Shou Sugi Ban seemingly everlasting. Thanks to its water-repellent properties, natural oils will keep your boards moisturized, yet dehydrated. This is hugely relevant when it comes to using charred wood in outdoor projects since a cladding, deck, or fence with limited water vulnerability is less prone to rotting.

Legacy From the Past That Looks Towards the Future

When done well, burnt wood can last well over 100 years. What better proof of this than all the Japanese buildings from the 18th century that are still standing strong to this day, displaying their stunning Yakisugui cladding. This is good news for your wallet, but even better news for the planet. Sustainably sourced and naturally crafted, Shou Sugi Ban is already a solid ally to the environment. However, the main reason why you need durable products is that they help preserve our resources. If properly taken care of, Yakisugi will last looking perfect for generations. Its longevity helps reduce waste, and with this, your carbon footprint.

Durable charred wood planks

The Perfect Source

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