We truly care about the quality of our services, thus, we strive to constantly improve our skills and are not afraid to take part in more complex projects and always seek for exceptional design solutions.

Charred wood interior

Your home is your temple. Leave the boring interior solutions for someone else – renew your home with charred wood planks.

Shou Sugi Ban Siding

Leave the boring design solutions for someone else – renew your house facade with charred wood planks.

Burnt wood flooring

Thanks to centuries-old technology which originated in the Land of the Rising Sun, Degmeda offers a wide array of wood products.

Burnt wood wall

When it comes to architecture, the Japanese surely have a lot to offer. From particular accents, all the way to outright techniques for building and processing materials, ‘The Land of the Rising Sun’ has brought a lot of the rest of the world.

Charred wood fence

Charred wood is a perfect choice for a wooden fence – enjoy unique, attention-grabbing and long lasting design solution.

Charred wood decking

Discover the beauty of natural wood colour and texture, choosing yakisugi wood charring technique for your terrace.

Wood charring

The Yakisugi wood processing technology is multi-purpose. There is definitely more than one reason for choosing wood charring. This service that we offer – wood charring, has many different perks and pros that you should know about.